“When you’re travelling you can be anybody you want.So the places you stay in should play into the fantasy of who you want to be while you’re away from the person you are at home.” ~    Maureen Mahon

Mahon A native Angeleno, Maureen Mahon’s design career was launched unexpectedly in 1998, when she purchased a 1920s duplex on Melrose that was deserted by the owners.  Mahon moved into the uninhabitable side and working with a handyman, renovated both kitchens, three bathrooms and created a showpiece that sparked a bidding war and sold for nearly four times the property’s purchase price.

A year later, she was asked to decorate a slew of condos in a luxury community in Baja Mexico after hers was featured in Distinctive Homes.  So she sought formal training at Santa Monica College in their Architectural Interior Design program and finally launched her firm.

Mahon’s aesthetic, influenced by rock n’ roll glam and her travels to Thailand, China, Italy, France and Mexico, inspire her glamorous, comfortable and edited rooms.  Mahon is a featured interior designer in an upcoming episode of HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation.

Rockstar Inspiration:  David Bowie.
Pet Peeve:  Vertical blinds.
Favorite Destination:  Santa Fe,  New Mexico.

DNA:  The offspring of super glamorous, but down-to-earth parents (her father John Mahon, was a filmmaker and one of the first professors at UCLA’s film school), Maureen has a laid-back glamour and elegance that (is also seen in) her work.

Fun Fact:  I was the door person at Flaming Colossus nightclub in the 80s.